Reses Dr. Mangku Pastika at the Experimental Garden, Faculty of Agriculture, Unud

Member of the DPD RI for the Bali Electoral District, Dr. Made Mangku Pastika, M.M. held recess activities at the Unud Agricultural Experimental Garden Jln. Moyo Island No. 16 Gusti Ngurah Alit Susanta Wirya, S.P., M.Agr., lecturer and dozens of students were guided by the Nyoman Baskara Expert Team accompanied by Ketut Ngastawa and Nyoman Wiratmaja.

Mangku Pastika really appreciated the lecturers and students who he considered were still enthusiastic about developing agriculture. Agriculture is a very important part of life because apart from producing food it also keeps the environment green and sustainable. “Without farmers and their farms there would be no life. 'No farmer, no life'. "Everyone agrees with that, but do they agree that they want to become farmers voluntarily, not because they are forced to," said Mangku Pastika in a questioning tone.

The former Governor of Bali for two periods in his presentation also said that now most people become farmers because they are forced to, that's why the ones there are are already old. Young people prefer other professions because they are considered promising and offer brighter life prospects. And that is a challenge going forward.

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Dr. Gusti Ngurah Alit Susanta admitted that support for farmers is decreasing. The rules are there but the implications are minimal. He also regretted that the Simantri Program, which was very suitable for developing agriculture, was almost no longer continued. Even though agriculture is the root of Balinese culture. Tourism even 'sells' agriculture, but this sector receives minimal attention. Now it is seen that agriculture supports tourism. Tourism should also support agriculture. It is acknowledged that the challenges of being a farmer are quite tough with ownership. limited land, an average of 0.3 hectares. However, with advances in technology and alignment, it is believed that this sector can produce good results.