Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University Holds the Release of Prospective Graduates for the April 2024 Period

The Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University held an event for the release of prospective graduates for the April 2024 period. The event for the release of prospective graduates was held on Thursday (18/04/2024) which took place in the Hall of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Sudirman Campus, which was attended by 53 Deans and their staff, Study Program Coordinator in the Faculty of Agriculture, Administrative Coordinator and his staff, lecturers, and prospective graduates and their graduate assistants.

I Putu Sudiarta, S.P., M. Si., Ph.D., as Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Planning in his report said that FP has a very adequate number of human resources with a total of 93 lecturers at FP Unud. The Faculty of Agriculture has 8 study programs, of which there are 3 Bachelor's Study Programs, 4 Master's Study Programs and 1 Doctoral Study Program. He said that 53 people attended the release of prospective graduates for the April 2024 period, with 50 undergraduate graduates and 3 master graduates. With the current percentage of prospective male graduates being 21 people or 39.62%, and women being 32 people or 60.38%. Undergraduate graduates on time were 64.15%, but under the normal study period or faster than the normal study period there were 10 people or 18.87%.

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Gusti Ngurah Alit Susanta Wirya, S.P., M.Agr. Conveying in his speech that the prospective graduates had gone through one stage in the academic field by achieving a degree which had been achieved within a certain period of time. “And the Anandas can all feel the fruits of that hard work. We represent the FP Unud Academic Community to congratulate you on your successful title. Hopefully the degree achieved can bring benefits to individuals, families and society. We, all leaders, lecturers and staff, express our deepest apologies if there are any mistakes, whether intentional or unintentional. Because we as humans are also not free from mistakes. Thank you for choosing the Unud Faculty of Agriculture as a place to study."

IKAYANA Secretary, Dr. Ir. Gede Wijana, M.S., said in his speech to invite prospective graduates for the April 2024 period to join IKAYANA. He also congratulated the prospective graduates on the degrees they had achieved and hoped that these degrees would provide benefits for both individuals and society.